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B.E.V. NY 2019

Business Program (Subject to minor changes)

Wednesday, February 27, 2019       

8:00 AM             Registration

8:30 AM             Welcome

                           Chris Gerling, Anna Katharine Mansfield, Hans Walter-Peterson

8:45 AM             Winery Websites and ADA Compliance Issues, Tools and Best Practices 
Eversley Sifonte, User1st.            

9:15 AM             Fermenting the Vintage: NYWGF 2019 Strategic Direction

Samuel Filler- Executive Director, NYWGF

9:45 AM             WineAmerica: Saving You Money

Jim Trezise- President, WineAmerica

10:15 AM           Break

10:45 AM           Contractors, Collaborators, and Interns - Who Owns the Intellectual Property?

                           Mark Traphagan, Traphagan Law, PLLC

11:15 AM           Consumer Preferences Regarding Canned Wines

Robert WIlliams – Susquehanna University, Helena Williams, Texas Tech University

12:00 PM           Lunch

2:00 PM             Update from the New York State Liquor Authority 

                           Thomas Donohue, Secretary to the Authority

2:30 PM             Onboarding New Employees

Richard Stup, Cornell Cooperative Extension

3:15 PM             Break

3: 30 PM            Tax Updates and Best Practices for NYS Wineries

Anthony G. Sandonato, CPA/ABV, CVA, Esq., Partner, Mengel Metzger Barr & Co. LLP
& Elizabeth Z. Miranda, CPA, Gray Locey CPA, P.C.                         

4:00 PM             Impacts of GMO Labels on the Demand for Wine

                           Miguel Gomez, Dyson School of Business Administration, Cornell University

4:30 PM             Expert Response to Non-Traditonal Grapes in France

                           Florine Livat-Pecheux, KEDGE Business School, Talence Cedex, France

5:00 PM             End of Program







B.E.V. NY 2019

Enology Program (Subject to minor changes)

Thursday, February 28, 2018


8:00 AM            Registration

9:00 AM            Welcome

                           Chris Gerling, Anna Katharine Mansfield, Hans Walter-Peterson

 9:10 AM           New Yeast Nutrient Management for Aromatic Wines

                           Paul Brock, Viticulture and Wine Center, FLCC

10:00 AM         Viability Measurements in Wine Microbes

                           Patrick Gibney, Dept. of Food Science – Cornell University             

10:50 AM          Break

11:20 AM         Can Do or Can D’Oh? The Chemistry of Wines in Alternative Packaging

                           Gavin Sacks, Dept. of Food Science – Cornell University

12:00 PM          LUNCH

1:00 PM            NY Canned Wines Panel & Tasting

Peter Bell, Fox Run Vineyards, Christopher Missick, Villa Bellangelo

and Alex Robb, Rootstock Cider

2:00 PM            International Canned Wines Tasting                   

2:30 PM            BREAK

3:00 PM            FSMA training (Fulfills annual FSMA training requirements with FDA)

                           Randy Worobo and Chris Gerling, Dept. of Food Science, Cornell University

4:30 PM            End of Program



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Viticulture Program( Subject to minor changes)

Friday, March 1, 2019

7:30 AM Registration

9:00 AM           Winemaking for Grape Growers: What Growers Should Know Beyond Brix,
pH and TA

                           Hans Walter-Peterson, Finger Lakes Grape Program

Chris Gerling, Cornell Enology Extension Program

9:45 AM            Could We Use Sheep for Weed Control in Vineyards?

                           Justine Vanden Heuvel, Horticulture Section – School of Integrated Plant Sciences,

Alexia Hain, Mowing Solar

10:00 AM         Destination of Photosynthates in Grapevines at Different Stages of Development

                           Justine Vanden Heuvel, Horticulture Section – School of Integrated Plant Sciences

10:15 AM         Carryover Effects of a Study on Riesling Defoliation

                           Tim Martinson, Horticulture Section – School of Integrated Plant Sciences

10:30 AM         BREAK

11:00 AM         A History of the Formation of Finger Lakes Soils

Jonathan Russell-Anneli, Soil & Crop Sciences Section - School of Integrated Plant Sciences

11:30 AM         How Water Influences Berry Growth and Splitting

                           Ben-Min Chang, Washington State University

12:15 PM         LUNCH 

1:30 PM            Climate Change Impacts on New York Agriculture

David Wolfe – Horticulture Section, School of Integrated Plant Sciences

2:00 PM            Fruit Fly Resistance to Insecticides in the Finger Lakes

                           Tim Martinson, Horticulture Section – School of Integrated Plant Sciences

2:30 PM            Biopesticides: What are they, and are they useful in grapes?

                           Amara Dunn, New York State IPM Program

3:00 PM            BREAK

3:15 PM            Spotted Lanternfly in Pennsylvania: Current Status and Research

                           Heather Leach, Penn State University Extension

3:45 PM            Status of Spotted Lanternfly in New York

                           Tim Weigle, New York State IPM Program

4:15 PM            END